The Axentek team has a long history and extensive experience in the navigation area both in industry and academia. The center of our expertise is in the airborne Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver design and related disciplines. Besides the core receiver technologies comprising Multi-Constellation Multi-Frequency GNSS signal processing, support of ground and space based augmentation methods (GBAS and SBAS), receiver design and development including VHDL and software development following the formal certification processes, we have also good overview in the adjacent areas like integrity and fusion with other sensors.

Integrity of the navigation solution is the main differentiator of an aviation receiver compared to the common navigation units used, for example, in your mobile phone. The increased number of satellites and constellations require novel approaches to be able to meet the performance and safety requirements at reasonable cost. We have been working on the simulations and validations of such a new models and approaches.

Another example of adjacent discipline where we do have a know-how is the fusion with inertial systems. We also analyse performance of algorithms, systems and models in a relevant environment. Moreover, one of us is a member of EUROCAE working group contributing to the definition of future GNSS certifications requirements. We approach each project with enthusiasm and innovative mind to deliver the best results. Our inovativeness is reflected in the fact that we are authors of several patents in the GNSS area.

Axentek can provide great variety of services in the GNSS domain to support different type of commertial or research projects, provide consultancy, and conduct varied array of analyses and simulations. The list below outlines some of the specific areas we provide our services:

  • Algorithm development
    • Fast acquisition
    • Advanced and robust tracking
    • Interference and jamming detection and mitigation
    • Spoofing detection
    • Multipath mitigation
    • Signal deformation monitoring
    • Scintillation
    • Accurate position and velocity computation
    • Side-peak false lock detection and correction
    • Multi-Frequency & Multi-Constellation solutions
    • Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (ARAIM)
    • Space/Ground augmentation systems support (SBAS, GBAS)
  • Hybridization with inertial navigation systems
    • GNSS/IRS
    • AHRS
    • Integrity monitoring
  • System design
  • Prototype/receiver development
    • HW/SW architecture
    • Embedded SW
    • Real-time OS
  • Verification and validation consultancy
  • DO-178 process driven development
  • Performance analyses
  • Service volume simulations
  • Low cost technologies